Let’s talk about intelligent software management for grain and crop storage – it’s all about what solid hardware and a new intelligent software can do for you. Take full advantage of the newest technology and let our AgroLog grain and crop quality management system give you the strong tools you need to always be in control of your grain and crops.

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Grain Quality Management for grain silos and bulk storage

Agrolog TMS5000 is a professional, fully automated Temperature Monitoring and Control System with all the temperature sensors connected into a digital network and connected to a PC using the Agrolog PC5000 Grain Guard Software or another similar management system like SCADA or PLC etc.
To make our temperature monitoring systems as flexible as possible we offer both a wired and a wireless connection option. 

TMS500 system

  • Full historical information as curves and tables
  • Alarms for trend temperature and actual temperature
  • Aeration control
  • Level control
  • Wireless data transfer available
  • Reliable and user friendly
  • Easy to install
  • Durable construction for all climates
  • 2 wire cable for easy connection
  • Digital sensor no calibration needed
  • Flexible design for future extension
  • Any language on request
  • Sensor Lines approved for ATEX zone 20/21/22
  • Invented and produced in Denmark

silofotos agrolog

The Agrolog TMS5000 is a professional, fully automated Temperature Monitoring System with all the temperature sensors connected into a digital network and connected to a PC using the Agrolog PC5000 Grain Guard Software or another similar management system like SCADA or PLC. Not only can this system effectively measure and monitor the temperature of crops in grain silos, it also reacts to temperature changes by activating fans to keep the crop climate at the optimum level. The Agrolog TMS5000 is made up of a series of Sensor Lines and temperature sensors, in each storage unit, connected into a digital network with a single point of access and linked to a PC using the Agrolog PC5000 Grain Guard Software. Also wireless data transfer and internet access is possible. This system offers a number of features to ensure the high safety of crops whilst in storage.


Agrolog Pc TMS5000 software
Agrolog PC 5000 software
Unique customised software with optional features depending on the need. 
Any PC or lap-top with Windows XP, Windows 7 or later version can be used

Plant Layout Agrolog
Plant Layout
Plant layout uses colour alarms to indicate actual temperature and temperature trend.
Click on each silo to see the Matrix view for all sensor temperatures and temperature trends.

Detailed historical infomation Agrolog
Detailed Historical info
Statistics of all the temperature, all alarms. All data can be displayed as tables or curves for a silo, a sensor line or even a single sensor.


sensor line
Set Points for absolute temperature alarm and trend temperature alarm
can be adjusted for single silos or groups of silos. 
Local and external alarms can be enabled.

Grain level
Grain Level
To optimize control of the aeration and avoid false alarms, 
signals from temperature sensors above the grain level can be disabled.

Aeration control
Aeration Control
Automatic Aeration Control for activating or deactivating the fans. 
It uses parameter settings such as outdoor air humidity, outdoor air temperature, target temperature for the grain in the silo, time span etc.
sensor line
Sensor Lines
High load Sensor Lines up to 60 meter length for ATEX Zone 20/21/22
Number of sensor points on request. Standard is every 2 meter or every 3 meter
suspension agrolog
Different mounting brackets and hooks available for inside or outside assembly.
probes agrolog
Fibre glass probes or metal probes from 2,5m up to 12m long.
2,5m – 2 sensors
4,0m – 3 sensors
5,5m – 4 sensor





TMS 5000 – Wireless

Installing a TMS 5000 wireless system can be the ideal solution in places where it is not possible to wire the system, or where the wireless system  is simply easier to install.

The key word in the TMS 5000 product range is flexibility, and the main benefit is that the TMS 5000 system can be adjusted to almost any need and location.

Contact us if you are interested in learning more about these systems. Our experts wil be happy to help you to select the right components to build a system, customized to meet your needs.



  • Measuring range: -10°C to +80 °C
  • Resolution: 0.1°C
  • Sensor: 1-wire digital
  • Logging interval 1 to 24 hours
  • Communication: RS485
  • ATEX approved by TÜV