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Supertech Agroline ApS

The story of Supertech Agroline is a story of commitment, innovation and hands on experience.
Supertech Agroline lives for and by the customers – and developing value adding products.
Supertech Agroline place great emphasis on a strong after sales service. Those are some of the efforts that make Supertech Agroline to a good choice of supplier when it comes to Grain Quality Management.

Supertech agroline hands-on experience

Supertech Agroline is a family owned business founded by Lars Frederiksen. 
The company has for more than two decades worked with developing, manufacturing and sales, of high quality temperature and moisture measuring equipment.

The common thread in Supertech Agroline has, from the start, been quality, development and improvement of instruments and systems to support users in the agro-world and their steadily increasing requirements for self-monitoring and documentation.

The company uses both internal and external expertise for development, and also sponsors research projects, to ensure valued innovation in our ongoing development of products made in Denmark.

In-house Danish production, extensive hands-on experience and a comprehensive product range all make Supertech Agroline a serious, stable and reliable supplier of “Moisture analyzers and Temperature Monitoring Systems” in Grain Quality Management.











Supertech Agroline develops,  manufactures and sells high quality post-harvest equipment worldwide. Many years of well-grounded practical knowledge give us an unmatched competitive advantage and a unique and reliable product range. Our Products are distributed in more than 50 countries worldwide.