Lars Frederiksen

Founder & CEO

Lars Frederiksen : Founder & CEO

Founder & CEO, Lars Frederiksen, Lars is responsible for business development and leading the development of products and systems. Lars is also key account manager for multiple customers, ensuring a high professional level of support to dealers.


Bjørn Wendelin

Sales Manager

Bjørn Wendelin : Sales Manager

Sales Manager, Bjørn Wendelin (Bachelor int. sales and marketing), Bjørn is our Sales Manager responsible for expanding the customer base. He also works to maintain and develop our position as an attractive business partner, by analyzing the market and providing strategic direction.


Jeppe Ullé Walther


Jeppe Ullé Walther : CTO

Jeppe is responsible for the scientific and technological development at Supertech Agroline.  He has a degree  (M.Sc in Digital Media Engineering) from DTU and has prior experience working with computer vision, machine learning and robotic development.


Charlotte Vestergaard

Team Leader

Charlotte Vestergaard : Team Leader

As team leader in production Charlotte is responsible for planning, assigning and directing, making sure we meet our requirements in terms of performance and efficiency. Charlotte is also in charge of purchase and inventory.


Mads Kjær Birch

Sales trainee

Mads Kjær Birch : Sales trainee

Sales Trainee, Mads Kjær Birch, is responsible for maintaining and developing relationships with existing customers. Mads also provides customers with quotations and answers questions about our products.


Maria Bregensted

Maria Bregensted :

Assembly, Maria Bregensted, Mette Bjerre and Helge Mortensen are  the main resources in our production team. They are responsible for  customer orders, component composition for storage and calibration, and production of customized products to meet individual customer needs. Together they have extensive knowledge of all our products. 


Assembly Department: All development of products and software is made in-house, whilst  the production of most components are outsourced, to ensure the highest possible expertise in all areas. We assemble products to order, rather than holding stock, to optimize efficiency and to ensure that the latest technology and know-how is used.